I Contacted Customer Service and I have not received an answer.

Contact us at so we can investigate and we apologize in advance if this has occurred.

Is my payment secure?

            Yes, we use the PayPal SSL certification as well as a third party credit card processor. We do not store payment information in any of our systems. Feel free to contact us with any questions at   

How long does it take after I paid to ship my order?

      Although most orders ship within 1 business day, please allow up to 2 business days after receiving cleared payment for orders to ship.

I Placed an order and only half of it was shipped?

            We have items in multiple locations and this may result in different shipments from different where houses. For instance, if you order a supplement that is in a ware house in new jersey, and treats that are located in a ware house in Texas, then you will receive two shipments, with two tracking numbers.

If there are multiple shipments do I pay for shipping more than once?

            No, you only pay the one shipping charge that you paid when you purchased the item. If an item is backordered, you also do not pay any additional shipping for the backordered item.

I Did not receive my item.

            Please Contact us through


There is no item quantity on some items does this mean that it is out of stock?

No, this simply means that we do not track this inventory, this is mostly because we store it in an outside where house, and cannot track the inventory.  You should not experience any delays receiving your item. You can always check on the item beforehand by emailing us at

I received an email saying that my item is on backorder, how long until it ships?

            This can vary from location and depends on the item. Some items can be backordered for a few weeks’ others a few days, we will always email you with the current details in the event that this occurs. If your item is backordered, you can always cancel the order prior to it being shipped out to you.

My item was backordered and I want to cancel just that item?

No problem, just send us an e-mail at with the details, the item that you want to remove from your order, name, payment method, and shipping information.

Returns and Exchanges

   What is your return policy?

Thirty days no questions asked, just contact us through email

You can return any item unopened for any reason, the only reason we ask is so we can improve. J

Items you cannot return open include: Food, Treats, Supplements, Cloth Diapers, Training Pants, cosmetic items that were applied to the dog, such as shampoo, paw balm, or skin treatments. There are a few acceptations, such as carpet cleaners.

I received my item however, something was wrong and I want to exchange.

      Okay, no problem. We understand that these things are frustrating, just send us an email at or use our contact form with the subject return in the subject box. In the email, please include your Name, Shipping Information, Item, Reason for Return, and Billing information if different from the shipping address. You do not need to include personal details, such as card information.

How long does it take to receive my replaced item?

      Most items will take a few days to get back to us, and then one day to process. As long as everything goes well, you should have a replacement within a week of us receiving your retuned item. Some exceptions do apply, for instance if you live in a different country, then shipping times will be longer.

How long until my Replacement item ships?

      If the item is in stock, we will ship it out within 24 hours of receiving and inspecting your retuned item. If your item is not in stock, on backorder, then we will notify you via e-mail the expected ship date.

I changed my mind but I opened the item can I still exchange it?

      It depends on the item and if the item is eligible for an exchange. If you opened any type of medication, Food or cosmetic item, then we cannot accept a return of these items. Most other items such as toys, or clothes can easily be exchanged, or returned. Contact us at for any questions  

My item is under warranty, but It has been longer than thirty days?

      Send us an email at Please include the item, issue with the item, your name, date purchased (or a rough estimate so we can find the record), Shipping address and billing address if different from the shipping address.

My item is under warranty but is damaged how do I exchange it?

      Send us an e-mail at Please include the item, issue with the item, your name, date purchased (or a rough estimate so we can find the record), Shipping address and billing address if different from the shipping address.


I sent my item back undamaged, how long until I receive my refund?

      As soon as your item is retuned and inspected by our staff, you will receive your refund within 24 hours. Some financial institutions may take 3-5 business days to release or reverse the charge.  If we find that your item is not eligible for a full refund we will contact you via, the e-mail address that we have on file.

What if my replacement item is on backorder?

      If your replacement item is on backorder, we will notify you by email with the projected stock in date and the estimate date which the item will be shipped to you. If at any time you wish to cancel the order for the replacement you will receive a full refund.